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Apr 3, 2023
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Hey everyone,

It may be a long shot, but I am looking to put together a JD cash set as follows:

$0.25 x 100 (ok this is impossible, now I get it)
$1 x 200 found!
$5 x 200 found!
$25 secondary x 100 found!
$100 primary x 40 (will buy up to a rack if available)

1 Dealer button found!

Note: In the unlikely event I find a seller for the $100s before @OneGearManySpeeds does, I want the first 10 chips to be sold to him instead. He is done! GG!

I am based in Europe but will visit Michigan in August, so any sale from American chippers could be shipped to my hotel in the US. I will pick them up there.
I have a certain urge to complete the set by July so that I can pick everything up while I'm traveling. PM me your offers!


EDIT: I'm almost there! Only the prim $100s missing. Please hit me up with any offers, I just need a couple of barrels. Thanks!

EDIT 2: Adding a dealer button to the ad

EDIT 3: adding a rack or fracs. The more time I spend on this site and the more stuff want to buy
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Haha I’ve never even seen them for sale to be honest. Your best luck would be to ask @Jeevansluck !

I would try to find something different.

Reach out to @OneGearManySpeeds he is in the process of making his own JD fracs.

Maybe he can help!
Already reached out to both haha. Apparently these fracs are like the holy grail. Nevermind!

Wow this chip world is hard :D
Guys, someone's selling some hot pink relabeled JD fracs (quarters) but I can't find the post. they still available? Think they were Terrible's Burried in a post with some other chips. they might still be available. If they are, that's a great option for a Jack Detroit Frac. I use SY $2s and Paris $2s for my fracs. Still need to buy the labels from @Gear . there are other vendors that sell labels I just don't know anything about them rn but relabeling other chips is a rabbit hole and often the best way to get the denominations you need when they either don't exist or cost $1500 a rack.

Anyone have a link to those hot pink terrible let @marsellus know.
I can slide you fifteen (15), if you’re still lookin.
Appreciate your offer! I stopped bumping because (1) I have a couple of sales pending and would like to conclude them safely before moving forward (thanks @Jeevansluck and @power13 for reaching out), and (2) I received an offer for a rack of hundreds but I am not sure I can afford it lol.

Hopefully everything will be settled in a few days..
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