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Aug 25, 2013
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Northern Kentucky
I have 300 TRKs I need to have a recess milled so that I can apply a label.

Has anyone attempted this on TRKs with success? If so, and you want some business send me pics of your work.

Wasn't me.

Gear has milled some chips in the past, and he prints lables as well.

I've been in touch with Gear, but he has to replace a bit or something... this was about two months ago...

Not sure if he still does this type of work.
I keep checking the calendar and hoping this is some kind of April Fools joke......
FWIW, I have scrapped the idea of milling TRK chips. I've become, like Gopher, a conscientious objector...

Turns out, the 300 chips I thought of milling are from an illegal cardroom in Cali... So they will be used as quarters 'as is' if the need arises.
I hear you guys but the things I want just don't ever seem to be for sale. Done right, this label project could make some change their minds. There is no rush here. Too bad there are not enough Riversides, Mapes, etc. to go around! :)

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