Is there any other wrestler more underrated than Roddy Piper? (1 Viewer)


Apr 12, 2015
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On the coast of somewhere beautiful
As an old school childhood wrestling fan, just had to start this thread.

RIP Rowdy - you shoulda been a world champ. There are a ton of great moments, but for me, the feud with Greg Valentine in the Mid Atlantic region in the early 80s was insane. Piper had a knack for drawing an amazing amount of heat. He wore a Bears jersey in the Boston Garden after Chicago had mauled the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Just crazy. Did pretty well as a mid level action star especially in the underrated They Live.

Godspeed sir.
They Live. ......introduced my son to that movie last year. I liked it.

I only watched wrestling for a few years as a kid. He was one I rooted for (and Ultimate Warrior )
I was an old-school fan as well, and Hot Rod was one of my favourites. He could work a crowd better than anyone, and could make watching paint dry sound exciting. He will be missed.
He was cool. I loved wrestling when I was a kid.
Maybe it's a trick he learned from his piping days, but he generated more spittle than anyone else I've ever seen on television.

Always loved his exchanges with Mean Gene Okerlund. :D
2 of the old time greats from my childhood gone this year. Went to more wrestling events than I could count growing up.

RIP Dusty
RIP Roddy
Rowdy Roddy was also one of my favorites. A true legend, he was a good wrestler, but his strength was his mouth. He was the best promo-cutter in the business. Piper's Pit was probably the best wrestling segment of all time, and when he cracked Superfly Jimmy Snuka over the head with a coconut, it was a top 5 all-time moment. Rest in Piece Hot Rod, you may be gone, but your loquacious wit and fiery personality will never be forgotten.

- Sooner or later everybody pays The Piper
My favorite Rowdy moment.... when he left the WWF to make the movie, and Adorable Adrian Adonis took over the Piper's Pit and made it into the Flower Shop. Piper got pissed and destroyed the set and hit Adonis with the big perfume container and the lattice work holding some flowers :) Used to see Piper a lot at the Boston Garden ...more fights in the crowd than wresting fights

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