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Jun 3, 2015
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Hello all,

I play poker since about 10 years and I always loved chips but I'm became really addict a few months ago. I live in France. I'm about to complete my first set, a thousand Paulson Classic Top hat & cane set. I also love other fantasy Paulson chips like Avalon or GCR. I just began a collection of $1 casino chips, but only Paulson. OK you guessed, I'm not a chip addict but a Paulson addict ;)

I hope I'll have more opportunities to find/discover awesome chips by joining your board.

See you.
I like your addiction. You can't go wrong with Paulson. Welcome aboard.

tapatalking ...
Welcome to Poker Chip Forum!
Welcome to PCF, may your wallet be empty and your chip racks be filled....

Oh dont forget: It's a PAULSON thing, you wouldn't understand... - well You might.
Welcome to pcf. I am with you on the paulson thing...
I got bit by the Paulson bug as well........ good luck on your search :)

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