Intro & Paulson Grand Cardroom (GCR) / Paulson Avalon Club chips (silver foil only) (1 Viewer)


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Dec 15, 2014
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OK. Introductions 1st. My name is Eric & I just signed up here today as it appears is not what it once was (& many moved over to PCF). I have been playing for about 10 years & play 2-3 times per month both at casinos & in a home game league. I have been casually collecting chips (mostly every sample set under the sun) for about 7 years.

I always wanted to purchase a semi-custom set of Paulsons via Apache, but never pulled the trigger simply because I was too anal about perfecting my stamp/inlay design. I worked with J5 briefly a while back as well as with a local friend of mine but just couldn't get the deign "perfect". With the recent disappointing news of Paulson's exit of the home market (& now realizing what an idiot I am since semi-customs are out of the question), I wondered if anyone out there either has (or knows of someone who has) a set of Paulson Grand Cardroom (GCR) AND Paulson Avalon Club chips for sale (silver foil only)?

From what I can see, I think a DemonJester & Puggy both own(ed) these. I am interested in approximately 1000 of each chip type. No BCC's please. Let me know the price you are willing to accept to part with them (no matter the expense). I hope & pray someone out there has some good news (or at least some leads for me).

Thanks in advance,
Eric in Iowa
Welcome to PCF ejbibler.

Open wallet, say good bye Money,
but Chips are worth it.....
Welcome Eric, good luck with the hunt, that's half the fun!
Thanks going out quickly as you said. Just took some chips off of Tommy (thanks & look forward to receipt). Got a few leads on the GCRs. Nothing on the Avalons yet. Might be picking up 1,000 World TH&C soon. Wife is OK with all of this so far, but I don't think she has a clue what these babies/Paulsons cost! Oh well...LOL!
Welcome...and keep the wife in the dark! My better half asked today how much chips cost. I ran out the door. Late for work later...
welcome Ejbibler

Bumping you back to the top...sorry for all of the posts, just trying to get to 100 today! :)

Bumping you back to the top...sorry for all of the posts, just trying to get to 100 today! :)


why? it's making the forum pretty irritating to read when the top 20 or more threads are just bumps of introductions so long after the fact or totally unsubstantive posts like this one.

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