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Jul 25, 2020
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A sample SET of crystal park? Wow I’ve never seen one. Hardhouse prob has one. They have like 100 diff chips. Lollolollll These Vinnys I’ve never seen one either / same thing just less chips both RARE. I saw ONE $500 vinny about 20 years ago in vegas at a shop. Uber rare. A sample set of vinny pltr Or inca prob won’t sell u for one 1k so ya it’s kinda like getting hit with lightning. Now if they do say they will sell be fast. I’d reply within the hour or they may decide otherwise. The set pictured as u see said “feel free to make me an offer” then it came off as $6500. I spoke to three others here and we were going to chop it up but when my DM went to make the full price offer it came back not for sale (in so many words) and I truly don’t blame him one bit. This is one of the GOAT reverse hat and cane sets Of all time. Impossible to describe the colors, feel, and flow. Now I don’t like 43mm so that part IRKS me to no end. Big old chips. Personally YUCK unless im at a final table of the WPT and even then. I honestly knew CP were 43mm but I had no clue Vinnys were. I just haven’t seen enough Of them in many many years. I own more then 2000 crystal park and I like them but it’s not even the same category and I just can’t explain why other then the Vinnys are insane. Crystal park are fun and chicks love em etx. Vinnys are doctor red wine chillin by the fire. There’s a major difference and I love em BOTH. Good luck in the hunt. Bring the heat and be lighting fast. U just may get hit.
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