For Sale Imperial Plaza CPC 750 Chip / 88 Plaque Tournament Set (3 Viewers)


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Aug 1, 2014
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New chipset coming in so I'm selling off my other sets. Here is my tournament set of chips in the FDL mold. It is the Imperial Plaza fantasy casino set. It's breakdown is as follows:
5's x 140
25's x 120
100's x 210
500's x 210
1000's (chips) x 70
1000's (plaques) x72
5000's (plaques) x16
4 dealer buttons - 2 by MSK, 2 acrylic
Hotel key cards
Poker sized cut-cards (blue, black and orange)

Some if the chips have special Iron Maiden inlays to commemorate their Legacy of the Beast tour. Of course, they never visited Macau but did for these fantasy chips, on my birthday no less. Some of the $100's also have a Year of the Tiger inlay for 2022.

Shipped from Canada or the USA to offer the best shipping possible. Payment via PayPal FnF or Standard plus %.

$2200 USD.
$2000 USD.
$1800 USD.

See pics:



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That “Live After Death” T1000 is pure brilliance! If I could convince my crew (and myself) to get into tourneys, I’d love to have this set. I’ve been a lifelong fan of Maiden going all the way back to seeing them live for the first time in 83. GLWS!

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