Cancelled IG/Indiana Grand Sec 5s, Sec 25s, Primary 1s and IG GOs. (1 Viewer)

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Mar 26, 2024
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Looking to possibly expand my IG set depending on my what's out there and at what price. Am trying to avoid going broke so will consider chips with obvious signs of use. potentially looking for 2 racks secondary 5s, 1 rack of secondary 25s,1 rack of primary ones. I would also consider some $5 GO chips if they are inexpensive.

I do have a couple racks for possible trades. Jumers secondary 1s x 2 racks and a rack of Paris 1s.
I'm going to leave the wanted ad up for a few days to give people a chance to reach out and to see what's available. Should have mentioned that in the initial post. My B. Appreciate anyone who reaches out with info.
Update: still looking for 40 IG sec 5s and a rack of secondary 25s. Also seeking two single lucky lady chips or even 2 labels. 2 of mine have some discoloration and if like to swap them out or over label them.
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