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Jul 8, 2023
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Opelika AL USA
I have come up with these chip designs on CPC but I really don't know what I'm doing. The denominations are $.25-light blue, $1-white, $5-red, $25-green, $100-black, $500-purple, $1000-yellow, $5000-pink, $10000-orange. I want to use the lower denominations for cash and the higher for tournaments. I'm gonna need help eventually designing the inlay. I know there are several good resources and vendors here that can help with inlay design. I'm wide open to any suggestions, opinions, or input. Thanks!
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First suggestion: use ”save as png” and post that consolidated set picture as opposed to taking photos of your computer screen with your phone
A few things that come to mind:

Spots are a bit all over the place. You have a complex frac (expensive) which is usually reserved for higher denoms. Your $1 has more complex spots than your $25 and the $5 inbetween has a different kind. Doesn’t flow very well. I like the first 3 or 4 cash denoms to have the same kind of spots but increasingly complex and then go to town on the bigger ones.

Same thing with the tourney denoms. A little backwards with the spot complexity. Imo tourney sets works really well with the same spots across the entire set. See Aurora Star hot stamps for instance.

Also, get rid of dg saturn, it does not look good irl. Which brings me to the next one: get a color sample set and preferable a mold sample set as well. One thing seeing them on a screen vs look and feel in hand.
Also… don’t use the same set for cash and tournament, unless the actual chip value is the same (e.g., $100 tournament buy-in gets you $100 in chips), as it opens the risk of people using tournament chips in the cash game.

My biggest recommendation is to close the design tool window for a while and do some research. Peruse the Chip DB here, the “grail” threads, the annual hall of fame and calendar threads, WindWalker’s adventure. Flip through the ChipGuide. Take note of the color combos, sets, and inlays you like and don’t like and why. I have a file on my phone where I’ve collected a number of inspirational ideas over the years and it’s really helped me.

SteveEH, myself, and others have wasted thousands on early sets, before we knew what we were doing. SteveEH, once he figured it out, has produced (in my opinion) two outstanding sets. If you have cash to burn, then go for it. Chips are like art, different people have different tastes… it’s a matter of understanding and proving yours before you buy.
I don't see a lot "wrong" with your chips. The only thing that could be a problem is the pink chip and the yellow chip both use the same 3 colors. Could contribute to "dirty stack" issues. I also prefer the complex spots for my low denom chips because they are on the table the most (and will be seen). I do like a nice high denom chip design as well, but it may never see the felt on any given night.

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