I bought this "ESPN Poker Club" Chipset to get the included case... unboxing and first thoughts (4 Viewers)


Mar 4, 2015
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Since I'm waiting for my January GB Bellagio chips, I decided to shop around and look for a case for the new chips upcoming arrival. I have had the cheap aluminum cases in the past, but wanted something a little different, and wanted something with a lock. Nothing crazy secure, just something that would stop someone lifting chips when I'm in the bathroom or whatever during a host.

I found this set on eBay and decided to pull the trigger. Leather briefcase style with a combination lock? Seems pretty cool for $80. And who knows, maybe the cheapo chips would be usable for some circumstances.


Box came from the seller well taped in a very sturdy box:

Very well packed:

The item:

Briefcase out of the styrofoam. It didn't really have an odor. Didn't smell like quality leather, but mine also didn't have any pleather chemical smell either. For the price I assumed I might actually end up with a PU "leather" product, but both the eBay and amazon listing report it is "genuine leather". So as cheap of leather as it gets, but still leather. It looks and feels nice, but I'm a bit concerned of the durability of what I believe is a fairly thin leather shell wrapped on the outside of the briefcase exterior:

Oh yeah, that's a limited edition certificate of authenticity. Jealous? XD

Interior of the case, displaying the plastic chips in all their glory. I have never seen chips that look just like these in the cheap chip eBay listings, so I suppose they were made specifically for these ESPN sets exclusively?

The back panel is held up by two snaps, which when released reveals the space to hold decks of cards and buttons:

Inside is some paperwork to throw away, and instructions on how to set a custom combination lock code. Didn't open the cards, but I assume they are absolute garbage paper cards, no brand or any other information except "made in china":

Blind tokens are really light and cheap, but the dealer button is actually pretty nice. It's weighty and feels great to me. It will actually be my new button in use:

Each chip is "11.5g", I weighed 5 and them and this was the median chip weight (11.64g). There is a slight recess to the inlay area as you can see, but the inlay area starting with the shiny gold is not a sticker that can be peeled off. I used an exacto knife to try and pop off what I assumed would be a cheap sticker, but there is no sticker, and I just ended up scratching the chip...honestly the printing is really crisp in person:

Only opened one 50 pack of the chips to get a feel. I quite like the edge spot design compared to dice chips or montecarlos I suppose. They also are less slippery than dice chips but still more slippery than any quality chips I have for comparison. I don't have any ceramics to compare at this point. They have a bit of a metallic "clink" sound to them when splashing them around, and they shuffle very easily.

The lock is seen here. The hooks on the lid are fixed. When the button is pressed with the correct combo, these metal latches pop out open releasing the hooks. To close and lock the case again, you push those silver latches back in.

So all in all, I'm happy with the purchase. The case is very unique compared to what I typically see available. I'll keep the case for my upcoming Tina's Bellagios, give the cards to the kids, keep and use the Dealer button, toss the blind tokens, and attempt to sell off the chips on FB market or wherever to recoup a few bucks. Might keep the whites for bounties or something, since neither of my sets have a white chip now and I do kind of like them :)

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