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May 26, 2017
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Simi Valley, CA
Origin Story
After always having been a fan of certain ChipCo sets, I figured I would eventually have a custom set made. I always liked the idea of having a primary clay cash set, with an accompanying ChipCo tournament set - it just felt "right" to me. However, after seeing what was possible with the Paymaster and Windy Crest sets, a cash set seemed like just as good of a move as any. After finding out that there was still ChipCo stock left in BRPro, I eventually started planning.

After having spent the past couple decades building up ASM, CPC, BCC, and Sun-Flys, it was clear to me that I wanted to take advantage of what ceramics had to offer. To me, this meant taking advantage of crisp, edge-to-edge, full graphic and photo printing. I knew pretty immediately that one of the advantages of this would be to have momentous life occasions printed as special edition chips, which I've continued to do over the last couple years that this set has been buildilng.

Coming up with the theme was a bit challenging, as the family name is a bit boring, and doesn't make for a great "card room" name or anything of the sort. After various inspirations, including the Florida kennel club card rooms, I settled on making my dogs the star of the show! They would each get their own version of the chip, meaning it would be a 50/50 split between them printed in every denom - a decision I would come to despise :LOL: :laugh:


Special Editions
After the initial set was printed, life started moving pretty fast. My wife and I got married, we sold our first house, we had a hell of a situation waiting to get into our new house (over 6 months for our sellers to move out, thanks to legal issues...after we had already sold our house), we finally got into our dream house, and we recently got back from a major vacation to Italy and Greece. All along the way continuing to form memories with friends and family. I used the additional printing opportunities to print a few barrels made for the family, for friends, and for the boys - the 3 originators of a home game we so lovingly call Bonedoneskis (story for another time, and a poker game made for drinking)

Limit Set
Bonedoneskis: a made up home game, meant to be played while drinking heavily, in limit fashion, and best plays with around 4 players. We play it a few times a year (practically having to look up our own rules every time), but with the creators spread around the world now, I felt it was time for an homage. I couldn't quite come up with a suitable theme, but eventually I had the grand idea - if this was an homage limit set, why not add it to the homage set? Instead of making it its own theme, why not just make it an "edition chip" subset?

I wasn't going to spend $1k+ on a limit set that we will only use a few times a year, so enter: Tina no molds. I have absolutely zero regret making this decision. What I needed for the game was a 50 cent piece (which Husky Chuck's original didn't have), and a snapper, which is both used as a small store-of-value, but also as a penalty and buy bet amount in the game. I was able to find a colorway that didn't interfere with each other, the printing is crisp (moreso than the ChipCos, actually), and the colors are fantastic (moreso than the ChipCos, actually). I will never have the 25c and the 50c on the table at the same time, and I will never have a need for the $2.50 outside of the limit game anyways. If I ever expand to a pink chip game (unlikely), then I can have thousands more ordered at the drop of a hat.

There may be an opportunity to turn the 50c into the primary frac of our No Limit game, but if and when we decide to do that, I don't foresee a problem mixing them in with the rest of the upper ChipCo denoms.

The Showcase
The Flip Side
Each chip is printed two-sided -- a main title and denom on one side, and a dog graphic with title and denom layered on the second side. Each denom contains a 50/50 split of either dog.

The Full Monty

25 cents

ChipCo Blank, BR Pro

50 cents
Tina no mold, textured

ChipCo blank, BRPro Poker

ChipCo blank, BRPro Poker

$5, Special Editions
ChipCo blank, BRPro Poker
Each edition printed between 10-20 per

ChipCo blank, BRPro Poker

ChipCo blank, BRPro Poker

The Extras
60mm button, BRPro Poker (2-sided)
Cut cards, PCF cut card GB

Red Husky

Brown Husky/Australian Shepherd Mix

Thanks for looking!

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