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Dec 24, 2013
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I'm looking for at least one rack (preferably two racks) of Horseshoe Club or similar H&C fracs to go with a small cash set I'm building around some Eldorado Club $1s and Outpost Casino $5s.

Some other possibilities are Fitzgeralds, Topaz Lodge, Crystal Bay, Virgin River, and Carson Station. I'm open to other suggestions, too! I don't even necessarily need to have solids, or hot-stamps, but if the fracs are spotted, I'd like it to be a simple three spot pattern to match the general old-school Western/Cali theme of the $1s and $5s. Casino used condition is fine, as long as hot-stamps or inlays are in decent condition, and the edges aren't too chewed up (I'd like to avoid RHC mold chips for this reason).

If any of you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!

Awesome, good to see someone else using the Eldorado $1's in a set, they are a great chip!

I use outpost 25c chips for my set, can be hard to come by though
Do you happen to have any pictures of what you are looking for? And do you only want large quantities of them?
Thank you, guys, for your response, and apologies for my slow reply. My post is so old, I'd given up, and haven't been watching for it in the Classifieds. I also gave up (at least for now) looking for quantities of the Horseshoe Club quarters. I even traded away my blue/yellow Eldorado $1s for some brown/peach Outpost $1s, so putting brown quarters with those is probably not a great idea! =)

Did you get the Eldorados on eBay last week? A set of 400 went for around .30 each.
No, it wasn't me. I somehow missed it. Sounds like a great deal. I just looked at "SOLD" items on eBay, and still can't find it. Did they not use "Eldorado", or "El Dorado", or "Paulson" in the auction title?

How about Cactus Jack .50's
Do you have the blurple, or perhaps the navy? How many racks do you have for sale? I don't really have a set to use the Cactus Jack 50¢ in yet, but I like those chips (have about a half barrel of the blurple in slightly used condition), and am always interested in foolishly beginning yet another chip set!

Do you happen to have any pictures of what you are looking for? And do you only want large quantities of them?

Yes. I'd included the photo in my original post at the top. And yes, I'm only looking for large quantities - at the very least, a few barrels, and preferably at least a rack.

While I'm no longer looking for the Horseshoe Club quarters, I *would* like to find some of the pink Nevada Palace 50¢ in mint condition, but I'll put that in a separate post.

Thanks again, guys. I really appreciate it.
Ah... California Bell, not Eldorado. That one missed my radar, too. Wish I'd seen it! Thanks.
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