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Full House
Apr 29, 2013
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Ontario, Canada
Hi folks. Saw references to the site at other forums, and figured I'd check it out. Looks like there are some familiar names from HPT and CT.

Hey Dave. You know me by another name elsewhere. Good to have you here and hope those Milanos are working out for you.
Thanks, folks.

RichMahogany, I didn't pull the trigger on the Milanos as the group buy on CT came up around the same time, so I'm waiting on them. If it falls through then I'll get the Milanos. Can't see going wrong with either set, and (hopefully) they'll tie me over until I get the urge to get customs. If the chip bug is anything like the card bug I picked up after finding HPT and CT, my wallet is doomed...
Welcome. Thanks for checking us out.
Yeah I was going to joke about you changing your name to CdnCardLover! As far as your wallet being doomed, tell me about it! Spent about $650 on chips this past week and I'm getting about 2500 chips in that same GB. It was too good of a deal to pass up.

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