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Dec 9, 2023
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Omaha, NE
Hey all, been lurking this place long enough and benefited from the great wealth of knowledge here. So, thought I ought to say hi, and also say thanks to some of the vendors I've dealt with so far.

Started out running cash games with dice chips a couple years ago, and thought that was pretty good until I made the mistake of reading this forum... recently got a serious upgrade with a set of Tiki Kings (very nice chips) but then suddenly decided I just had to have that sweet compression clay with a classic design. So I turned around and sold my Tiki Kings to a young poker enthusiast I know, and went straight for 600 stock CPCs (Key West). I love them and I have already ordered even more. Meanwhile I am for some reason daydreaming about custom chips...

Here's the only photos I have for now. More once I get them all cleaned and oiled. Sorry no inlays visible in these :(

Fresh out of the box:


The $5s really pop with a little oil:


Shout outs:

@BR Pro Poker for great ceramic chips and great customer service

@dennis63 also for great customer service and for running the very cool Key West brand

@desjgn for very nice 4-color decks that my players love

Fellow Omaha guy @bsdunbar1 for his patience with me as I emailed back and forth with him asking him weird questions about his custom tables, especially considering I did not end up ordering, not out of any concern for the quality of his tables (which look fantastic) but because I realized my delusion about being able to fit a poker table into my current small apartment. For now I continue my kitchen table make-do situation and hope to hit him up once I'm out of this place...
I would tell you to bring them over on the 29th but we would need more quarters and maybe more ones. There would be so much taking change in out game.

Just what I needed, an excuse to upgrade my now 800-chip set to 1000 chips...
We can't have you come over and use that set if we don't have more quarters and dollars.

Absolutely, meant it in good humor. I'm happy to have an excuse to go up to 200 quarters (and 300 singles?)

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