Cancelled HHR white / green 312 (1 Viewer)

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Sep 18, 2017
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I’m looking for 700 more of these bad boys


Which ones? The green base or the white base with green spots? Spinettis is selling the former by the barrel on eBay. Maybe worth reaching out to him and ask him directly on PCF how much he has. I doubt he has 700 though.

Oops, never mind I see white/green now. Although It still may be worth reaching out because he is selling a ton of CPC 312s on eBay right now.
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I had 1,000+ of them, so there are 100 or so more that went to the other guy in the deal. Maybe he would sell to you.
Also, these were ASM. Any newer chips will likely be slightly different shades. I am really not sure how newer CPC colors will compare to these older (from 2004 and 2005) ASM chips.
Unless there is something REALLY strange done with the lighting or with photoshop or something, no doubt the ones on the left (more cream-colored base) is ASM, the ones on the right (brighter white base) is CPC.
If you are looking at my photo, the darker ones on the left were asm's and are over 10 years old. I think the brass flakes will darken the new ones over time.
I was bumping it up. But thanks for letting me know anyway. Wonder if your CPCs would darken if oiled...
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