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Mar 13, 2023
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St. Louis, MO
Hey, I have a pretty decent Tiger hot stamp set (1300 or so) going but I'd really like to get something for a frac in order to use the set to play smaller cash games.. thinking 0.25c or 0.50c (0.25 makes the most sense if I have trouble getting the right chips).

I need suggestions as to what options there might be, except shelling out 4k per rack of arc yellow NCVs :) In my mind I had thought I'd use the ESST T5,000 and relabel / murder them - but I run into the hot stamp issue, not knowing if I can get a similar hot stamp design or if I would be forced into a relabel with the background trying to match the yellow.

I'm after suggestions for best matched frac option (25c prob) for the Tiger hot stamp set.

I have:

AS cash set. 700 pieces. See picture - credit @Chbyfngr - as posted. I'm not really wanting to murder or change any of these however.
Also have 1 rack AS snappers (pink) - with gear labels incoming for potential ES 5c relabel.

AS T5 hot stamps - 40 chips.

ES cash set. 800-900 pieces or so. Everything except $500 chips. Again, I know the 0.25c fracs work well with the Tiger primary set (only 300 pieces so far), and I don't really *want* to change these at all.

Tiger primary: 1 rack each of pri 50c, $1 and $5.

ESST: 1 rack T25 (lime green), 60 x T1,000 (arc yellow), 60 x T5,000 (fuchsia) and 20 x T25,000 (Indian blue). I'll prob sell or trade these ESST away soon, as I can't find a place to use them. Or - keep and grow the rest? Thoughts?




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I gave up with hoping to find a rack of hot stamp NCVs at less than twice the original price so I got a rack of orange T5000s to use as fracs. No murdering no labels, perfectly matches.
This is actually probably a better idea over a solid. Grab a rack of another tiger hotstamp 3d14 denom and have Kifer work some magic to make it a frac

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