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Sep 21, 2023
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Hi fellow poker chip enthusiasts.
I've visited this site many many times before and found the content extremely useful. Thanks PCF and its members. However, even those I've used the website many times, I've only added my account today, which is the reason for this initial "hello" post.
I consider myself to be a newbie to the poker world (been playing for a little over a year) but I've hosted a few small tournament style games for friends as social events.
I'm slowly building up my collection of chips but as yet only have the mid level price chips (no CPCs or Paulsons yet).
My current poker chip collection includes:
- a set of CC Majestics
- a set of CC Royals
- a set of ceramic "Silvio" Bullets Playing Cards chips
- a set of ceramic "EPT"
- a not complete set of new-gen "Juego" chips
- a set of custom ceramics
Oh, and as recommended by probably everyone on here, I try to get a hold of samples... So wait a minute.. now that I think about it I do own a sample set of the "Jumers Casino" Paulson chips from Apachepokerchip.com (but just a sample set so can't play a game with them).
Anyway, sorry for the long rant. And hello again.
Welcome to PCF!

You have a very healthy collection. Look forward to hearing about what your next set will be.
Just got my hands on some Paulsons (Pharaohs). Hoping now to get some 25s (120 or at least a single rack would be good) and then they are hitting the felt. :)


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