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Sep 17, 2013
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All up in Djibouti
I guess I joined this site a while back but never posted until today. I am not a chipaholic - I've been fighting that since I joined CT a couple years back. I worked in the US Navy for just over 10 years and now I work on networks during the day and build poker tables when the chance arises. Looking to slowly amass a sizeable collection of poker chips and hopefully finish my basement project that I havent done anything on in about a year. The below chips are mine that I had PGI print for me and the poker table is one I built for a friend last year. over on other forums I use the name usnavy2002. Does anybody play poker around here?!?


Welcome to PCF. Those are some nice looking chips. How many in your set?
Nice looking chips and great looking poker table! I like the giant card pictures on the wall too

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