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Feb 28, 2015
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Miami, FL
Hi Everyone, Im not a chip collector but decided to try at putting together a tourney set for my own personal use since Ive always wanted to play tournament style poker. After spending a month or so lurking on this and other forums the madness began and I started to pull together certain odds and ends. Now I finally decided to take the plunge and do a 20 person tourney (hopefully league) of home players.

Ive learned a lot about quality chips and collecting them is not something Im into as of yet, but the fact that these forums get into such good detail about the subject is excellent for beginners like me. It is nice to know that some people are so passionate about quality goods. Im sure we will see each other out there in the message section.

2 months ago I started showing my wife some higher end chip sets and customs etc and she was like "Im sorry but I don't get it, they are game tokens" Sat in on a couple of games and now she gets upset whenever the yellow starburst Paulsons get taken away. I really think she plays just to see how many she can win from other people which is not an easy task since I use them as $1K chips and theres only 10 of them on the table at a time. The point is that after this last game, she actually tells me "the yellow ones, they are really just so pretty" we both laughed a little because she knows this means those game tokens just got a little more personal.

So thanks for reading my long intro post, and see you on the forums.

Im in South Florida west Broward county, plenty of excellent feedback on the web and play poker as a hobby since I find it more challenging that chess. Purely for mathematical study =)
Welcome to the forums! One of my sets has a yellow 1k chip as well. My group calls them big birds and when they enter the game, the action gets crazy.

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