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Oct 14, 2022
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Salt Lake City, UT

It’s a pleasure to meet everyone! I’ve been fascinated with poker chips, casinos, and cards since I was young and I’m excited that there’s an online community of other chip enthusiasts. I’ve been lurking for a little while without an account but I want to dive in to participate in the community and see if I can acquire some sets and make some new friends.

I’m an audio and lighting engineer by trade, and studying for my Electrical Engineering degree. My favorite casino game is Blackjack, though I am interested in learning more about how to play poker and become good at it. I dabble in graphic design and have reasonable skills with Adobe Illustrator, which I am hoping to utilize to design a few cash and tournament chipsets, both for ceramics and more classic-style poker chips. I’m also interested in expanding my design portfolio, so I would love to chat about mock-ups for other designs of chip sets if anybody is interested.

Currently my chip collection is fairly limited. I have a set of 250 Scroll Ceramics that I got several years back, and a collection of one dollar chips from most casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, Mesquite, and Wendover. I also have an extensive collection of over 84 decks of cards and counting. In the short term, I’d like to acquire custom micro-stakes and standard stakes ceramic sets. My long-term goal is to design and acquire a fully custom CPC set of 1,000 chips, and a set of the Aria’s tribute card molds. I find those chips to be my favorites so far (though the current STRAT chips are also pretty rad, if not only for the logo).

I’m always open to learning new things, and I love chatting and ‘nerding-out’ so if that’s your thing, hit me up!

Current $1 collection:

Welcome! You should fit right in. There is a pretty active group of folks here with graphic design skills and interests, and a lot of threads about chip and inlay design. You should find plenty to keep you interested and members looking for help.
Welcome! I'm out in Tooele. I host a 25c/50c game regularly on Saturday nights (tomorrow in fact, PM if you're interested). I've got a lot of different chips on hand as well.
That's a nice looking singles collection. Are you only collecting singles of casinos you have visited? Or are you collecting any/all singles?

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