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Aug 9, 2015
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Hi everyone,
i like chips. I have a few PCRs which don't get enough use, here is what they look like.
Welcome to PokerChipForum. Sweet set!
Nice chips! I love my set of these. Welcome.
Welcome, now, you're going to want to start by getting sampl.......oh wait, nevermind...... ;)
Thanks for the likes and encouragement :) Actually had a game last night, but just not with my PCRs (which is good because the chip-heathens managed to break two chips last night from my chiptalk china-clay group buy 'Private Cardroom' set).

(I bought that set to play with people that don't understand)

Welcome fellow Aussie. There's another forum member from Canberra somewhere also.
hey aussie

Im the canberran stocky was talking about

Pm Me

How the hell can people break chips honestly whats wrong with people?
How the hell can people break chips honestly whats wrong with people?

One was just bad chip control, letting the chip fall onto a tiled floor, the other was in one of the racks at the end of the night, unsure exactly how that happened.

I think I may need to get some plastic dice chips with metal inserts - it definitely makes me unwilling to add to my PCRs, but wondering what option I can put up with that doesn't cost too much to care if they get snapped in half or shattered.
Welcome! Great first post! Well, a bit more introduction of yourself would be nice... But considering most people just provide an intro and ZERO chip Pr0n, I'd say you are off to an awesome start.
Welcome, nice set...

Hopefully You can get those Heathens to take care of chips, then you can use your PCR's
I'm playing the long strategy on that one chipjoker, I think I have my boss hooked now, that game the other night was his first one ever and he finished up with most chips - I dropped him home on my way and he couldn't stop talking about strategy during the drive :)

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