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We teachers thank you for your resolve. Without you I would be searching as well.

Seriously Paul, good on you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I took a big chance in leaving the USA 10 years ago. That's a little different than changing professions, but I believe its a suitable analogy here. It was a paradigm shift in thinking for me. Overall, the best decision of my life.
After a trying 6 months I've decided to head back to school. Studying Finacial Services. After that course I will start studying a diploma (haven't decided which yet) for Hopefully will lead to something :) wish me luck..

Good luck stocky!!! Studying is always, always, always good man, no matter the circumstances... My background/career is in Capital Markets/Investment Banking so if you need any help going through your studies, just let me know mate... Again, all the best! New doors will open for sure!
That's exciting news. It's never too late to further your education.

Just this morning I heard someone say he didn't want to go back to school when he had the chance because he didn't want to be "that guy" in his thirties who didn't fit into the social scene. I was 42 when I returned to college, enjoyed the experience immensely, hung out with some extremely interesting people, and earned three degrees. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Best of luck to you!
good luck, stocky! i'm clueless about the job market in aussie these days, but i know there has been lots and lots of career transitioning going on here in the states over the last 7 years. it's never too late...
Thanks for the support everyone. The job market here sucks right now so I'm only going to get a better career by working towards it. Best decision I've made since buying custom chips :)
Good for you man! Wish you the best.

Heading back is so hard so I applaud the decision. I graduated 15 years ago now and still have nightmares about one day needing to go back.

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