Have found the best worst TV poker scene ever (2 Viewers)


Oct 19, 2020
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Don't ask me why but watching an episode of The Good Ship Murder (S1 E5) were there is a poker tournament onboard a cruise ship. It's a 1 million buy in winner takes all with 5 entries. The compere opens the tournament saying it's Texas holdem with a min 500k rebuy. Swings over to the action , with dice chips in play. Two players see the flop and start betting into each other, goes to the turn and start betting again, one player goes all in by shoving his chips into the stacks from the previous betting round as they hadn't been moved. Other player calls. Compere notes it's now a half a million hand Fist player had 2 4 and not hit. Second called with 7 2 and not hit, says his 7 plays and scoops the pot and they don't bother to do a river card. Worst poker scene I've ever seen. Someone in the show should really research these things! I was in stitches.
The # of chips don’t even match their calling amount.

A bet with 30k throwing about 10 white chips, B reraise with 60k throwing about 11 white chips and A call the extra 30k with about 12-13 white chips more on top of the 10 white chip

Then at the turn, the B just raise 100k with about 15-16 black chips like wtf, how the production / director team doing with the filming is beyond me.

And where is the fucking river card?
Fake Teddy KGB, the poker, the acting & everything else is horrible. Can't believe they made this AND I wasted 3 minutes of my life watching it especially how this thread was billed as "worst TV poker scene ever!!"
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