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Oct 9, 2023
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Richmond Texas
Saw this Half-Pie poker chip on eBay and thought it was pretty cool. Does anyone have any of these in quantity, or are there any similar chips to these that anyone knows of. Also is there another name for this kind or chip, just saw it listed as a half-pie chip. Thanks!

Super cool chips, I’m guessing half pie chips are pretty rare, would love to get a few to use as Fracs.
pretty cool.
Even nicer are the dovetailed ones
I'm new to the chipping world, at least as far as the really cool stuff. I love the half pie, but Until this post, I don't think I've seen a hot stamped half pie with no dovetail. I just just assumed they had to have the dovetail. (My only experience with one that didn't have an inlay was through CPC)

How many of my cars would I need to get a rack barrel of those Horseshoe fracs?

Edit: Answered, then asked

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