SOLD Grape + Arc Yellow Solid THC Bean Town Poker Rebuy/Bounty Chips

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Apr 15, 2019
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With my new 43mm ceramic tournament set, I won't need these chips since I also ordered rebuy and bounty chips in that set. The colors are grape and arc yellow. Grape is a very interesting color. The grapes are NM to my eyes and the arcs are EX+. Don't want to call them NM but they're in fantastic condition. These are already milled for your use. Just pop my labels off and apply your own :) or use as is and make me proud ;). Priority goes to someone who will take the lot. No splits yet but feel free to mark interest below. Shipping at buyers cost.

$140 plus shipping.

$2 per on the arcs x 40
$1.50 per on the grapes x40

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