Grand Victoria Secondary 1s came in today (1 Viewer)


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Mar 27, 2013
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Minty fresh! I know where to get some mint secondary 5s but finding mint $2.50s might be difficult. Should be selling my used primaries soon
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Ah so you did buy them. Nice! If you need some cash to buy more, you know what you can sell me. (or trade) :)
If you have some other minty 20s that would go with my Terrible's I'd be willing to trade.
Yeah . . . 20's. when I do get around to buying my custom ASMs I am going to use a $20.00 chip. After all, when was the last time you pulled out a $25.00 bill?
I did not know there were $20 GV chips. :eek:
oops! I have no idea why I wrote 20s :p

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I do agree with Milo13 though, my first custom ASM cash set will have a 20 denom
Okay. I think this set is complete. It would be nice to have some $2.50s to use as quarters but in the meantime the Empress roulettes will work just fine. For. 25/.25 or. 25/.50 cash games.

That is a nice cash set. There are 100 new $5 GV chips on eBay right now. $100!
Yeah that is a sick setup you have there Rich. I never know how sexy a few racks of clean chips looked lol. Wish some of the guys I played with took their equipment as serious as you guys.
Thank you sir. You have a great screen name.

I really want to expand this set but have to hold off for now.
These came in today. Still waiting for the last $100. More stuff for the poker room. :)

Picked up some mint secondary snappers from cgraham86. Now this set is complete.

Or is it?

Thanks Corey


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