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Oct 31, 2014
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Going to list these as sets at first. If no one wants them after a couple of weeks, I'll break them down and sell them per chip. Feel free to start posting your interest in this thread. Those that want more will get priority on the chips. Example, someone wants 30 blacks. You want all 300 blacks. You'd get all the blacks

Cash Set - $1000 SOLD 4/17

700 - White
1200- Red
298 - Green
15 - Black
5 - Purple
1 - Orange - Heavily rack checked

Tourney Set - $1000

500 - Green
300 - Black
100 - Purple
1 - Orange - Heavily rack checked

Detail pic

Top row are the primary chips. All chips are casino worn. The 5s have seen the most play.
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Having problems PMing you. Last offer you sent sounds pretty good, but I'd like to confirm with a pic and description of the exact chips we're talking about.
If you piece out the primaries, I would probably be in for a rack of the $25s. For accuracy, these are the top row, third from left, in picture #2.
I might be intrested in 2 maybe 3 racks of $1s depending on price.
If that happens then I'd need 1 rack of $25 and maybe a few racks of 5s
Please advise via PM if you are going to piece these out. I would like a shot at a rack of $25.00s (yellow/met. gold edgespot). Thanks.
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I'd be curious about the price on a rack of $25s, if a split happens. Not at the top of my list though. $5s would be even further down.
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