Cancelled GPI Monaco 25c Two Barrels (offering $2.50/chip) (1 Viewer)

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Feb 13, 2019
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Basically what the title says: want to buy two barrels of GPI Monaco 25c chips to round out my set since they're no longer available. Mint or near-mint condition please.

Edit: Upping offer to $2.50 per chip for these (the listed price on Apache poker chips is $1.29 for reference).

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Also looking to get two barrels of $1's and one barrel of $5's so if you're looking to unload a full rack's worth, just let me know.
What happened to these? GPI stopped making them for some reason obviously... did I miss a thread?
I don’t know of any threads about this specifically, but I believe the GPI no longer offers the promo chips so these chips won’t be produced anymore :/
I would, honestly, except the GPI Monacos was the last set my mother liked in her lifetime and my 540 chip set is for her. (Yes really. It took a lot for her to like something other than the Milanos)
Totally understandable, I don’t expect anyone to break up their set for me, especially if there’s personal significance involved.

Edit: since interest in these is slim on this forum, I upped the offer price to $2.50 a chip.
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