Cancelled Good Luck Degenerates! B.C. Willis small greek key hot stamps less than 30c a chip (1 Viewer)

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Jun 4, 2023
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Lot is $150 shipped U.S. (or $10 credit towards international shipping).

490 B.C. Willis small greek key mold with hot stamps.

Playable with Brown = 25c, Blue = $1, Yellow = $5, Green = $25, White = $100...or you might have a better idea. Or mill them to add to your small greek key build. These are lightweight, about 7 grams. But feel great. A few of the yellows have what look like cigarette burn marks. There is a little bit of warping (these are old chips!) so although they do stack they wobble a bit.

Yellow = 198
Brown = 75
White = 22
Blue = 101
Green = 94

4 antique racks marked B.C. Willis included with chips. Cracked but usable. If anyone collects racks and wants these, go ahead and dibs them (just pay shipping) if buyer of chips does not want them.



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Dirty stack alert! There is an error in the handwritten numbers in the photo. A blue was hiding amongst the green. The numbers listed in the OP are correct.
Dang. If you were to sell them next week, i'd happily take them. Rn my credit card for international purchases is maxed out... mostly due to small greek key chips (qnd a bit of other stuff) actually :wtf:

If they are available next week, you can buy them then!

Yeah, maybe listing these the day after Christmas is not the best timing.
Anyone else trying to figure out how a 2,513 year old poker set is in such good shape and why it’s only $150?

Ha! Battle of Marathon when Athens defeated Persia took place in 490 BC.

Hmm...kind of makes me want to keep the set, mill it, and add a Battle of Marathon themed label. Would go so well with the greek key mold. Little cash set or maybe even 1 table T25 set using 8/8/4/7/x with green/blue/brown/yellow/white.

Screw it! I'm gonna keep these. I need something to practice my milling on anyway. Canceling the sale.
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