For Sale Free Giveaway, 10 decks of "Tangiers Hotel & Casino" 100% plastic cards (1 Viewer)

If you have another set, I'll take one and review it. I've been a professional dealer for 14 years.
If you're out, I'll wait and look for reviews and pick some up then.
I finally got to put my deck in play last night, and they were very well received. Everyone liked them. They slid across my @rjdev7 table topper like it was an air hockey table. My only gripes are that there is only one color deck, and I prefer a larger index. We paired them with a deck of the Broken Arrow cards, and I found those much easier to read.
Cool, I'm glad you like them. I will eventually buy another color, but with a 500 deck minimum, I must wait till I save up more money. Any suggestions? I was thinking gold. Blue just seems so cliché.
Green or lavender?

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