Wanted Fracs $0.25/$0.50 or Snappers $2.50 that won't break the bank ? (1 Viewer)

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Nov 14, 2014
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Title says it all

I am looking for some Fracs $0.25/$0.50 looking for more the $0.50 chips

and or Snappers the $2.50 chips

that wont break the bank

I am using showdown chips for my fracs right now and I would love to find some Paulsons if possible

PM me if you have anything

the people I play with use to have dice chips so I dont use anything special as they dont respect chips so I use a cheap set

We use to play $1/$2 then went to $1/$1 then a new group I started playing with did $0.25/$0.50 now we are just doing $0.50/$0.50 blinds I am thinking about just making it $1/$1 or just 1 big blind for $1 but they like to buy in for $50 so $0.50 is ideal so u got 100bbs

so we play a 24person tourney every month $50ea and once people start busting out we get cash going

Always 7-10 people at the table min buy in is $40 to $100 a person or u can buy in for the highest stack at the table if you want so there is usually only $1,000-$2,500 on the table at most I think most we ever got was 3-3.5k

Rarely ever get to put out alot of $25s on the table and never really use the $100s

Most people will buy chips and keep some cash on the table as well

This is the set I use


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I was thinking maybe use 39mm $25 as quarters and just use 43mm Aurora Star $25s for the $25chips since I dont really get many $25s on the table anyways

Man a rack of those Baby Blue RHC quarters that @Turbo just listed would look amazing with this set!

I guess we all have different definitions of what "breaks the bank" but for $169 shipped fir a rack of original casino used Paulson quarters... I don't think you will find a better deal. I have been a frac collector for several years now and those baby blues are awesome!

BTW Absolutely nothing wrong with that set you threw together, it's a mixed set and mostly Paulsons (I would probably remove the BCC $10 If you can find enough $5s to carry the load) other than that your set looks great!

Also you have been around long enough now to kmow that if you buy a quality rack of Paulsons at a good price, that you can always get your $$ back if you need to. I doubt those racks of baby blue fracs last very long... pull the trigger and grab a rack so you don't have to kick yourself tomorrow for not doing so.

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