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Sep 3, 2023
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Perrysville Ohio
Hello all,
Been into poker chips for a while and after watching Hobbyphilic on YouTube I discovered there was a Mapes casino in Reno till 1982. Seeing as that is also my last name I am wanting to make a custom set of chips with their inlay. Does anyone happen to know if someone has remade the logo so I would be able to upload it into custom poker chips program? Thanks for any help and advice. Look forward to getting into this great community
Hello and welcome!

There have been Mapes tribute chips made in various formats, with tweaks to the art and text so that it's not a direct copy of the original inlays. You can do a search to see who made the tributes and ask about the availability of the art.
Welcome. The Mapes chips were an inspiration for my custom CPC set:


CPC has the small crown mold too.
Hello and welcome to the community! There are Tina card mold Mapes out there. You may even be able to order a new set of them on one of the group buys if you have the artists permission who created the tributes.
Whadda fantastic set. Well done. I always want some complicated colorful inlay, then I see these and it resets everything.
During the design process I actually immediately wrote off the Mapes style. You can read about it here if you want to waste a few more minutes:

To get the thread back on track, OP, if budget is a concern there are also scrown hybrid ceramics available:

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