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Quit watching and come on in already!

Welcome to the forum fellow Canadien!;)

Hope you have a great ride! Always here to help if needed. I've learned a few things about chips and getting them into Canada.

I also started my time here with a purchase of Stock Designs CPC Rounders. 800 piece set. Can't wait to see some pr0n of your sets.

Did you buy cash or Tourney, or both?
Thanks buddy. Yep Rounder for me is the OG, or in another way, where my poker chip journey get started.

I also got a rounders cash set, along with a Atlantic hot stamped tourney set.

the pain for me is I also spot some good stuff at Apache, some other random site in the states. i.e. a leather card deck holder lol. It really take a lot of effect to put all those together. But Iam getting there!

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