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Aug 23, 2015
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Might as well join in too. My fiancé and I looking entirely too pleased with ourselves as we used a bunch of frequent flyer points (yes I'm a big points nerd as well as chip nerd) to pretend we were affluent for a day in business class.
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Apr 11, 2018
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Owasso, OK
Based on previous threads, we already know where you are located, your first name, your level of education, your job, your hobbies, and how much you make. Before we proceeded to your bank account and social security numbers, blood type, and mother's maiden name, I figured it would be cool to set up a thread where folks can post a picture of themselves. Some of you may already know what others look like, but for those who cannot make it to meetups, home games, or other social events, it could be a good opportunity to put a face to your name.

Obviously, this is purely optional. Some of you would prefer not to share due to over-exposure to an employer or simply for personal privacy. However, if you would like to share a pic to add a personal touch to the PCF community, feel free to post in this thread (a similar thread can be found here, but it hasn't been bumped in 1.5 years and we have a lot of new folks).

(Please do not include any mugshots, fake pics, or 30 year old shots. We don't care how old or fat you are. This is not an online dating profile and you are not getting laid based on this picture :p)

That being said, I'll start with a picture of my wife and myself in Vegas two months ago

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This is me!


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