SOLD EU (not only) Outpost $5s 1 rack Another price Drop! (Last one) (1 Viewer)

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Nov 16, 2018
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Had these listed a while back but decided to cancel and make a new listing as I have sorted and seperated and priced the LCOs according to their condition.

Racks are not included. Prices do not include shipping. I expect slower shipping than normal obviously but swedish postal service will accept packages and ship to all of EU, USA and Canada as well as a number of other countries (pm me if you’d like shipping elsewhere and I’ll check if it’s possible).

Paypal f & f or add fees. Thanks for looking.

1 rack of LCO $1s - €95/$103 - SOLD
1 rack of LCO $1s - €140/$152 - SOLD
1 rack of LCO $25s - €120/$130 - SOLD

2 barrels of LCO $25s - €20/$22 ($0 you buy the Outposts in lot 5) - Sold


1 rack of Outpost $5s - €70/$75 - Sold
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All the full racks of LCOs are sold.
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1 rack of Outpost 5s and 40 LCO 25s from flea bottom road still here.

They may have their best days behind them, but people, these are THC goodness for not a whole lot of money.

In fact, I tell you what, buy the Outposts at their listed price and I’ll throw in the 40 LCOs for free. Won’t affect shipping costs.

Bump, some nice THCs still available and comes with the 40 fleabit LCO 25s at no extra charge.
Bump with another and final price drop. To clarify 1 rack of outpost 5s for 75 bucks AND 40 fleabit LCO 25s. Come on, let’s clear these now
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