SOLD [EU based shipping] 2 racks Casablanca $5s (pink)

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Sep 27, 2020
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Cologne, Germany
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This is a dibs sale. Post dibs in the thread then follow immediately with a pm. If you post dibs, you commit to buying at the listed price.
I reserve the right to exercise the asshat clause, but I'm not going to entertain offers via pm to take the sale away from first dibser.

2 racks Casablanca $5
EU buyers: €600 + shipping for both racks
International buyers: $700 + shipping for both racks
Not looking to split at this time.

Getting these imported into the EU was an expensive ordeal with shipping and the robbery we call import taxes around here. So I'd recommend to keep these in the EU, but if you wanna get those back to the states, I'm not gonna stop you.

Shipping from the EU
I've never had any packages go missing to the US / Canada, but they do tend to take a long while to reach the americas during covid.

I'm not a professional chip grader, so you have to go with the pictures provided. If I had to venture a guess I would say these are dead mint, only taken out of the box to take pictures and stacked up in racks afterwards. But since there are differing opinions about what qualifies as mint, I'd say these are in excellent+ condition.

After much deliberation, I decided not to go for a mixed cg set based upon these plus the flamingo $1s. Instead I went full flamingo (never go full Flamingo!) and am now letting these beautiful casablanca $5s go. That beeing said, if they don't sell I'm not gonna be too sad, because they are just so freaking pretty.
(Flamingos not for sale)
Flamingo Casablanca-3.jpg

Flamingo Casablanca-4.jpg

Some more pictures to judge condition:
Casablanca $5-1.jpg

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