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Full House
Apr 8, 2015
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With the EPT Grand Final taking place now, I wondered if the had chip sets out and came across several and wondered if anyone has them? And/Or what the thoughts are on them (they look really cool to me)
I agree! There's several different samples on eBay I might look at getting
I would def like a small 300/400 chip set of these if it's quality chips (some on eBay appear to be while others seem suspect, that's eBay though, right?)
You know, the first few times I saw pics of the faces of these chips I thought they were hideously ugly, tacky, and cheap looking compared to a lot of the clay chips by Paulson, BCC, et al. Slowly though as I watched the EPT the chips really grew on me. They appeared so much more bright, colorful, and vivid than the pics had led me to believe and seeing them in such large, neatly stacked formations made me fall in love with them. They've actually rekindled my interest in ceramics and have me trying to figure out how to expand my heads up set of Chipcos.

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