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Sep 20, 2017
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Hi Everyone this will not be another one of my full blown giveaways this time, but I've been fortunate enough that a few members lately like @Kid_Eastwood have been so generous to me that they have sent me Dealer Buttons for free and ask for nothing in return. In turn I feel I have to pay the good Karma forward and do another giveaway of my own. I felt like doing one today. I usually do a full blown giveaway once a year, but I just did one at the end of last year So for now just a mini. I'll let the sign up for this giveaway run until next week on Sunday March 22, 2020 11AM.

This is how it will work. I'll ship anywhere in the world. All I ask is $1 PPFF towards shipping(This will allow me to post this in the For Sale Thread). I'm selling it for a $1, but for $1 I'm basically giving it away. There are three Dealer Buttons below. You can respond on here to be able to win the one button of your choice. So when you respond list your choice in your response. You can only sign up for a chance at one button. I'll do a and the Top 5 people in the Randomizer for each button will play a Omaha Hi hand to see who wins that Dealer Button.

Edit I forgot to mention all buttons are 60mm

Button Choices:
1. Bean Town Poker "City of Cheat..." wait "City of Champions" Dealer Button
Sorry @sheikh617 I had to throw that joke in there.
2. Aces Dealer Button
3. The Silver Club Dealer Button

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in for the Aces and Silver Club - thanks Mike

edit: guess I should read … just the Silver Club
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Fabulous Mike!

No surprise at all to see you list this kind of gesture!

PASS the chance on to maybe some collector's who need them more!
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