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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos

I have been building an Empress set but got off to a terrible start by being a tiny bit late to the party and got no $1 chips. No ones is a disaster that was not going to be cheap to recover from and not fast either. As those of us searching for $1 chips know, there is a lot of demand and no sellers.

Over the years I built what I thought was a 800 chip set but then I found an auction for 632 more and then while setting up for today's pictures found a lost bag of chips with 201 more. So now the set looks more than adequate for what ever I want to host. 1,633 chips, bank $50,000, that will get 'r done.

400 of the five dollar chips are still filthy, straight from the casino. So for once I got before cleaning and after cleaning pictures. As you can see, "fresh caught" casino chips have their own class of nasty-dirty. It is baseball season - perfect for cleaning chips.

These are scheudled for play in August. I will do my best to get some action shots.

I love Empress chips--nice large set!

My Empress tourney set. Minty goodness except for the $500s, which are in slightly used shape.


great pick up and great pics. these are definitely among the top 3 sets i most regret not picking up as soon as they were available through the chip room. at the time i thought i wasn't completely on board with either $5 and didn't bother since that would have been my workhorse. now, i'd gladly take a big set with either $5. beautiful chips.
Very nice set, it took 4 years to get my $1's. I ended up getting NY NY casino 1's and used those with Empress labels I made for a while.
Nice set. Seeing it makes me wish I hadn't sold off all my lemon-lime $5s from there.
As promised, some game shots for these chips. It is a "slow" night for this game, we didn't even use the $6,200 bank of lower value chips - not a single $100 chip was in play

Getting set up for the game. First buy in will be fixed at $60 - so ten $60 stacks ready to go.

Out first big pot for the night. This isn't the Dr - - I will leave it to your imagination who this might be.

The end of the night - not many people left to cash in.

And the big winner, sadly not me (though I did ok). This "poker pro" turned a $260 buy-in into a mighty pile of chips worth $1,057.

And a good time was had by all -=- DrStrange
One last set of pictures.

We are playing $1/$1 this session. No hope of burning through the lower value chips With $2,200 in ones and fives I suspect we might not even need a $25 chip tonight.

Note my dad's old money chip in the cash drawer with the "same" $1,000 I started with in 1983. {shameless brag}

My stack is the tiny one in the foreground. I scraped out a trivial win for the game but never came close to being one of the "big boys" this session.

The Empress set isn't scheduled for play again this year. But who knows? I might get wild one night.

great looking simple design and at giveaway prices from the chiproom, you were not too worried about a few that get damaged or lost over time, still got 120 hundos.

when the CPS gb came out i sold them thinking that would work for the beer drinking family games....im a dumbass, they are the only chips i do regret selling :oops::oops:
I'm pretty sure I sold those $1s to you. And you got a steal I might add.

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