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Apr 6, 2020
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Columbia, MD
Has anyone ever heard of Ecco chips? I have a box of 100 plastic chips. Inside it just says This box contains 100 washable, non-breakable plastic chips. Ecco. Chicago.
They came in a leather case with a deck of old playing cards (1940s). I can find NO reference to these chips on the web at all!
That listing has no explanation of "Ecco" (i.e. I think this is what OP is asking about).

Those are clearly interlocking plastic chips of the mid-twentieth century. Probably pretty early versions if they date to the same time as the cards (big IF there). They do not appear to be the interlocking plastic chips made by ASM.

To OP: If this listing is what you're asking about, these are seriously crappy chips. I am not convinced that they are contemporaries of the cards, which are a "Special Mystery" item. I think the tax stamp is the most interesting thing about the cards. the cards are probably just common paper cards of the era. I wouldn't know anything about value. The chips seem to be added on later (that's why they appear to be packed in a card box). there has never been, to my knowledge, a chip manufacturer called "Ecco".
Thanks for all of your replies. First..I am amazed that you were able to get a result from a search for Ecco chips! Asian Bino, you said your search took mere seconds. When I search Ecco I still get nothing! The set you found has similar elements to mine, but the one you found on eBay is much larger. This is one set of chips and one deck of cards. The chips are not ridged, but smooth. I will attempt to add some photos here. I so appreciate everyones help on this.


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