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May 18, 2013
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Topic says it all, do you? I do, I have a chip from the very first hand I ever won at a casino the night I turned 21. I keep it in my wallet, after I've almost cashed it a few times lol.
So you didn't cash it out? How much is it worth? I can't say I understand why you'd essentially pay for a piece of metal and plastic ;)
image.jpgI have two yellow hard rock rolletes one on the table and one in my pocket when I play
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My hard rocks have been failing lately so I'm going to try a 5$ mirage chip my dad got for me from Vegas when he was there ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21373548499.988528.jpg
Those Hard Rock chips are pretty sharp. I don't have a lucky chip. Probably explains why I run so bad at the tables haha.
I have a Wynn $8.00 chip for my Chinese zodiac sign (Dragon), and got on this year for the wife (Snake). Have to wait a few years to get one for my daughter, though (Rat).
All chips bring good luck to someone. Most often, its the casino...

I, myself, have a Trump Plaza $2.50 saved, by accident, from a birthday trip to Atlantic City. It's a Paulson "Trump house mold," pink base with black spots -- very used and broken-in.
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I don't, I don't have any experiences that would be significant enough (or lucky enough) to be attached to a chip. One of these days...

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