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Jul 8, 2021
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I put this set together when I had given up hope of pulling together a Horseshoe Cleveland set. With the help of some great chippers on here I have recently pulled together my Horseshoe Cleveland set. So while I have some emotional attachment to these Diamond Jacks, my first "real" set of chips, I don't see any scenario where I play them in the future. Hoping they can find a better home where they see felt.

These chips have been played 10 times or less and are in excellent condition. The set includes 40 of the custom $1,000 chips that @Carnth made. I think there are only 100 of them out there.

Chip breakdown and pricing below:

My first preference would be to keep all 1840 chips together, so would be willing to sell the entire set for $4750. Will include 3 dealer buttons and 4 decks of Diamond Jacks cards (2 red/2 blue)

Since set is so large, second option would be 2 sets with breakdown below:
Larger set (includes 2 dealer buttons and 1 deck of each red/blue cards):

Smaller set (includes 1 dealer button and 1 deck of each red/blue):

I will do larger set for $2650 and smaller set for $2150.

I want to give it a little while before possible splits and would need any splits to take at least one of the 2 sets in full.

Shipping (CONUS) will be actual for any setup. Prefer USPS flat rate boxes but can do whatever buyer's preference is.


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The set includes 40 of the custom $1,000 chips that @Carnth made. I think there are only 100 of them out there.
This is correct. I only made 100.

For those wondering: they are complete inlay replacement of IHC blaze orange Sunset Beach T25000
And those $1k’s look awesome!!
Thank you!

DiamondJacks is a great set, and @buckeye09076 put together something really good.

All it needs is some white for $1 chips and these would make for one hell of a cash set.
I would be interested in a rack of $25 if split. Possibly a rack of $5 depending on split pricing.
Smaller set is sold. Larger set still available. Going to hold off on splitting for a little bit longer.
In order to split the large set, all chips must be accounted for. So if I’m reading the posts correctly:

@CptainCanuck would take 50 purple

@twocannons would take a rack of $25, $100 and $500

I would take 2 racks of $5 (originally stated 1) and a rack of $25

@suited67 would take 2 racks of $25

That would leave:
50 $25
100 $100
20 $1000

I think I have that right.
I don’t think @twocannons is still in for the 3 racks he mentioned before.

But I appreciate the summary. I almost tried to figure it out myself earlier. I think a split is relatively close.
I need a spreadsheet for everything. If my math is right I think there are just 150 $25's left to get to split.
The last 150 $25’s just sold, so good for a split. I will PM everybody tomorrow with payment info and you can all send me addresses. I have a work event Monday all day so probably won’t be able to ship until Tuesday. Appreciate everybody buying. Somewhat sad to see the chips go but I’m sure you will all like them. They are nice chips.
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