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Oct 28, 2014
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Florida Gulf Coast
Cleaned my desk and rearranged my chipes :)

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Nice! How do you get any work done with all those gorgeous chips staring at you, begging for attention?
Very nice. Where are the Gulfports?
8:00 am: boot up computer, to prepare for the workday
8:01 am: while computer boots, decide which chips to take down to shuffle
8:30 am: "...but I shuffled the Mapes yesterday, so maybe the CPS chips..."
9:45 am: "...then again, the Terribles have a good sound, but I have a conference call, so maybe..."
11:20 am: "...maybe a little online poker will help me decide..."
2:45 pm: "...alright, I'll shuffle the Gulfports, then I'll start work. Don't look at me like that Garden Citys. - ok, let me reconsider"
3:35 pm: "ok I'm taking a break from the chip shuffling decision to check out PCF"
5:00 pm: Finished work without ever once working, but 2 dozen chips "test shuffled".
nice !
would you have an extra double down saloon dollar chip for sale ?
Perfect setup! Now, some pictures of the display on the wall!
Looks sweet! That's a damn solid desk.

nice !
would you have an extra double down saloon dollar chip for sale ?

Drop me a PM with your addy, i have a couple extras in my samples I can send you. They are used but aren't bicycle tires either.

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