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Mar 23, 2013
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So today I was mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, edging, weed wacking, etc. I have tall bushes/vines in back corner of the yard that were getting too high.

I set up the ladder. On my way up I accidently hit the button on the trimmers and completely severed my Verizon FIOS fiber cable. [emoji33] It's laying on the ground in my yard now.

They will be out tomorrow morning to run a new line. The even gave me 2 days credit. I said squirrels must of chewed it. ;)

Sh*t happens.
Thats one way to cut ties with VZW. :)Thats no normal trimmer line or you were maybe full throttle? Either way i hate doing shit like that and it seems im always doing shit like that.

Edit: youre probably talking hedge trimmers so I'll shut up now.
Squirrel corpse? I vote you go way over the top and put a little squirrel chalk outline next to the cable as well as a .22 casing nearby. When the verizon people get there casually let them know that you got 'em and that you really REALLY hate being without your cable. Bonus points if you are cleaning a .22 on your porch when they arrive.

Of course at this point exhaustion may be creeping into my decision making process right now... ;)
FIOS was fixed this morning. He looked at the severed line then said it looks like it was cut with hedge trimmers. LOL

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