Custom clear acrylic dealer button? (1 Viewer)

Jan 8, 2018
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National Harbor, MD
Anyone know where to get a custom clear acrylic dealer button made? I sent a pm to PokerChipsDesign a few days ago and hippieartworks just a moment ago, but I just wanted to cover all my bases.

I saw a thread from a few weeks ago asking where to have a custom dealer button created, and there were several recommendations for ABC gifts and awards, but it appears they do not make the clear acrylic.

Perhaps someone knows of an acrylic business that doesn't make dealer buttons per se, but would be able to make a laser etched (side and top) circular disc measuring ~80mm x ~8mm.

Also it is pretty much just a paperweight that customization/etching/trophy shops all have. Search for something like customizable paperweights

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