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SOLD CPS Tournament Extra's! (1 Viewer)

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Apr 8, 2015
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Hi everyone!
I have 265 CPS Tournament chips for sale for anyone looking to top off their set!
These have not been played with and have only been transferred out of boxes and into racks which will ship with the chips after being cling wrapped
I'll be selling for less than what I paid for (.29 each being sold at .25 each plus 3 racks, 1 CPS dealer button and shipping included all for one price)
If I get no takers I'll give eBay/Craigslist a try and if nothing else I'll just hold onto these babies because I really like them!
Here's the break down
CPS Tournament Set Extra's
51 - T25
51 - T100
50 - T500
51 - T1000
51 - T5000
6 - Bounty
1 - T5
1 - T25,000
1 - T100,000
1 - T250,000
1 - T500,000
1 - CPS Dealer Button
(Singles from sample set minus 1 T500 chip which had no label and has since gone missing lol)
$70 for the lot!
PM me and thank you for looking!
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