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Jun 19, 2014
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For the 2nd group buy, I think I have to get in on a small CPS set. I don't think I want them in play with my used RHC Paulsons, so a heads up set was my idea. The T5k setup of 40 x T25, 40 X T100, 20 X T500 works for me in terms of being tidy to fit in a rack and easy to divide and work with. However, my personal favorite chip in the set is the orange 5000, so I'd like to build around that if possible. Switching labels is a slight negative, given that part of the appeal is matching the WSOP denoms.

What would you build for yourself?

What do you suggest for me, given this ranking of the chips?

5000 (orange) Favorite China clay ever
25k (green) 500k (red) 500 (blue) Nice looking chips
25 (green) 100 (black) 1000 (yellow) 100k (lavender) look good, but are too close in spot or base color to be used with some of the other chips
250k (almond) bounty (pink) aren't chips I'd want for this set

My first thought was 5k, 25k, 100k, but the spot repetition isn't great, and the starting stacks would be a bit oddly sized (T1M at 20/20/4?)
1k, 5k, 25k is aesthetically better, but the starting stacks have to be something like T400k at 20/16/12.

If I did extensive label swapping, it would probably be to T5M at 25k/100k/500k, just for novelty.
One option:

2000/4000 opening blinds
400,000 starting stacks (100BB)

10 x T1000
28 x T5000
10 x T25K
48 chips = T400K

chip set:
20 x T1000
60 x T5000 - includes 4x for T1K removal
20 x T25K
100 total chips

This breakdown also works for a four-handed T200K 2-hr turbo (5/14/5 stacks).
It gets a lot of the workhorse orange chips on the table, and the yellow/orange/forest green chips all work pretty well together (although I'd probably swap either blue or day green for the forest green 25K).

If willing to order alternate color/label combinations, I'd go with blue 1K, orange 5K, day green 25K - the three nicest T&S chip colors, imo. The red chips are great too, but don't work as well with the orange chips in a three-color set.
That 20/60/20 breakdown is tidy, and has a ton of 5ks, which is nice. Being able to go 3 or 4 handed is nice in a pinch, too. Let's look at the combos:


BG's swap

Super Progressive (black to black, orange to orange)

Swap I'm leaning towards

Green only swap

I don't mind the forest green, personally. I think the red is hard to match with the orange, but blue, orange, forest looks pretty good to me. If I go with 1k, 5k, 25k, are the blinds going to get awkward?


Doesn't seem too bad.


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Take the two colors you like best and see how they look together in stacks and in a splashed pot - those will be the only ones in play at the end. Make the other (third) chip your T1000.

If the 25K didn't have bright orange, I'd like it just fine. One of the few minor mistakes in this set (orange spot should be more yellow-ish). Probably similar to why you don't like the lavender chip mixed with the orange 5K, the spot colors are too close.
Mental Nomad said:
Why not do:

1k x 25 = 25k
5k x 20 = 100k
25k x 5 = 125k
Total = 250k for 50 chips each, perfect 100 chip rack.
But they don't split equally into two identical stacks. That would bug me more than not totaling exactly 100 chips...

Those were the numbers for each starting stack; it's 25/20/5 each, 50 chips each, exactly 100 chips total.

But I really appreciate BG's 20/60/20 breakdown's flexibility to play a 4-handed turbo. 10/28/10 does get a lot of workhorse on the table, and being able to run off the small chips is nice, if not really necessary.

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