For Sale CPS Chips - 5k denoms + - extras (500 total chips) (1 Viewer)

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Nov 6, 2014
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So I ordered way too many chips in the hope of a 130 chip T7.5m breakdown but over the last few weeks I've discovered that I can run a T5M with a full rack per player 9 handed and am set on I have 500 extra chips still to sell.

these chips are shrink wrapped so they must be sold in increments of 25. I would love to sell to one seller but if not...oh well.

$10 per sleeve of 25...I will give a $25 discount if you buy all 500 and will sell that at $175.

125 -- 5k
50 -- 25k
200 -- 100k
125 -- 250k

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image.jpg - picture of the chips still in shrink wrap
Disregard...should read my messages before viewing posts :( good luck with the sale!
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Thanks JT, if I get some more interest in splitting these up consider those yours.

Preference to to someone who wants the whole lot so I'm going to leave that option out there for a couple days
If split or if someone will let me piggybag and reship to Finland, I will buy one lot of 25 of those gorgeous orange T5K's. Just to get some shufflers and to see what did I miss. Most likely I will bang my head to the wall the next few days after. Let me know. Thanks.

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