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Two Pair
Sep 6, 2023
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I’m getting close to ordering a custom CPC set. I have the CPC color samples and I have received some samples from members who have ordered customs sets. However, I feel the more samples I see in person, the better my decision making will be.

If you have a custom CPC set, and have extras to part with, I would like your samples! Quote me a price and we’ll go from there.
I may have a spare sample of my set on the B-mold, but it’s all solids so it may not give you too much more than the CPC sample set will, outside of having the inlay. I’ll take a look once I get home and send you a PM.
You can order samples of their stock designs on the site.
I’ve ordered the color samples, rounders samples, and Atlantic hot stamp samples. They are nice but pretty plain. I like to see different color combinations that others have made. Buying a CPC set is expensive (for me anyway). So I would like to get as many samples as possible so that when I order, I don’t have any regrets.

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