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Jun 14, 2022
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Selling 450+ diamond mold Paulsons, nice little set. These chips are VERY broken in; some serious warping and discoloration on a handful and the hotstamp is gone/blackened on most, but feel really nice and shuffle beautifully. Hand cleaned and oiled. I like the breakdown too; honestly they’re growing on me and I won’t be heartbroken if they aren’t sold. It works fine for a small relaxed game. Pricing and breakdown after the background story below.





My father married my Mother when, according to him, he was too young. According to her it was just the right time, because if it wasn’t him then it would be someone else. Irish Catholics have that switch that flips, she wanted 5 kids and didn’t want to wait to have them. And he’d gripe about having us too young and losing his freedom, but you’d catch him smiling as he turned off the highway to Jersey Freeze, the greatest ice cream shop in the world, don’t bother debating that. He sat me and my 3 brothers down one time and told us we were all part of a club. Being 9, I was wary; I’d seen The Sandlot and being part of a club was the epitome of cool, but being in a club with your Dad? I don’t know about that.He told us we were part of…. “Club Melody”. Now, my mother’s name was Melody, so I rolled my eyes and focused on the chocolate shell to my ice cream cone, figuring this was another one of his dumb analogies or something, he was a classic Jersey boy where he had a phrase for everything, exhausting to listen to and decipher. My younger brothers giggled and moved on after seeing my reaction, buncha parrots.
But this time was different. He said he was serious, and to listen closely. By this time he had my attention: he said family was incredibly important, that’s always been the case, half my family lived on the same street and block parties were a blast. But he went on to explain that Club Melody was just him and us, because we were the most important thing in my mother’s life. It was an exclusive club, and we could laugh but this is a lifetime membership, and we were in charge of making sure Mom was happy and healthy for the rest of her life.. At the time, we all kinda nodded and smiled, knowing that family would always be there, having that warm and safe feeling as ice cream dripped off our hands onto the stone table.

My father was never elected President of the Club, never voted on any measures but he always knew exactly what to do to keep Ma happy and healthy and had our unequivocal support. For the first few years afterwards it felt like guesswork; Club Melody was under new management, she was understandably upset but then it became good days and bad days, and we figured out how to tell them apart pretty quickly. She still had her boys, and we had her.

These chips have seen some battles around the kitchen table, our “clubhouse”, but now they’re moving on. The Club has been disbanded after successful completion of its core mission; we can’t help but smile and move on, much like both of them have.

Presenting, Club Melody.

**********************COMPLETE WORK OF FICTION, DAMNIT ***************************

453 worn diamond mold clay chips
315 Reds
108 Yellows
30 Blacks

Chips are fun and sold as is, make no claims about their condition. Yellows especially have lots of discoloration but still fit 100 to a rack with some work.

$30 + shipping per rack of either yellow or red; offer me a few bucks for the extras and its a deal.
+$10 for the 30 blacks (best quality, only selling these in addition to a rack, not worth shipping alone)

-$3 discount off any purchase when you promise to call/text a loved one you haven't spoken to in a while within the day after payment is made.

Significant discount if you buy them all, $120 with free shipping and I’ll throw in the extra few barrels to complete this old but playable little diamond mold set plus the racks and another haiku. If these prices are ridiculous just send me an offer, I won’t be offended. Not strict dibs, prefer selling the whole thing in one go because I’m lazy (and because of the fake sentimental story I made up). Priority goes to those who want to buy more. I’ll throw the clear racks in for a little extra for the single racks, make me an offer, I honestly just like having the racks because I was using the black racks from dice chip briefcases before I got these.

*Also interested in trades for whatever, keep it interesting, make me an offer.

Can also include some extra red diamond mold hot stamped chips in a bit better condition for a bit extra, just let me know.


Super shiny right after oiling, I've had them laid out and flipped for a few days since then but pretty colors.


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Pending! Thanks for the kind messages with similar stories; I've definitely drawn from my own experiences, food is love and family is a team, period.
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